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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Google Maps Marketing?

In a nutshell, Google Maps marketing is the process of using Google Maps’ functionality to make your business easier to find. Although this can be very useful (and expected) for large companies, it’s even more indispensable for smaller businesses. However, Google Maps marketing isn’t just about visibility – it’s about positioning, and not just that of your store. If used correctly (and strategically), Google Maps can play an important part in your digital marketing strategy.

What Is Google My Business?

Formerly known as Google Places, Google My Business enables business owners to claim a listing for their business that may appear in Google search results. Virtually any type of business (with the exception of certain more risqué establishments) can claim a Google My Business listing, which will display information that searchers may want to know, such as address, opening hours, and customer ratings.

Does Optimizing My Local listing Help?

Although many businesses claim their Google My Business listing, many simply register their business and provide only the most cursory (or worse, incomplete) information. This, unsurprisingly, results in far less visibility and a poorer overall Google Maps ranking. We will do the right thing making sure that your Google My Business is optimized.

Why Do I Need My Business Listing Verified?

Getting your Google My Business listing verified should be the next first thing you do. The verification process can take up to a couple of weeks, as usually Google insists on mailing a postcard with a unique PIN to the physical address listed in your Google My Business profile to confirm verification.

What’s The Point Of Google Maps Marketing?

The ultimate objective of Google Maps marketing is to achieve as high a placement as possible in the local business results listings on the Google Maps results on relevant Google search engine results pages. Let’s take a look at what this means.

Can You Really Get Me A Listing On The 1st Page In A Local Search?

Yes we can. We have helped all types of businesses get a listing on the 1st page in a local search. Because we believe we can achieve it for you, You won’t be charged until we can show you a listing on the 1st page

Do I Get Both Google My Business and Google Maps 1st Page Listings

Of course, many  times, the Google My Business and The Google Maps will have the same spot in the listing. If you are #2 in My Business , you will Probably be #2 In Maps.

Do I Really Get a FREE Website and Mobile Website?

YES! If you have a website, or a face book page, and want to use it , that’s fine, but if you don’t have a website we will create a FREE local marketing landing page and a FREE mobile website.

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